#Syria|Aleppo rif| The “banana” strategy

Zanki has turned rogue since the “banana visit” and Activists believe that it has become JFS/Nusra’s tool to control

After the clashes that resulted in dozens of killed in Azaz between Ahrar joined by Zanki and its affiliates on one side and Shamiya Front on the other side, two agreements have been signed.

  1. The first agreement settled the dispute between Ahrar and FSA Shamiya Front.
  2. The second agreement concerns the rule of conduct to settle disputes.

The second agreement : 

The Sharia commission orders:

  • All arms and ammunitions confiscated should be returned to their owners.
  • the release of the prisoners on both side.
  • All the captured barriers are returned to their original factions.
  • Cessation of all harassments and hostility.

The agreement document was published by Etehad Press

The very strange thing about the second agreement is a direct settlement between Shamiya and Zanki who signed it and there is no mention of Ahrar who lead the fight.

The first agreement : Ahrar – Shamiya Front

Reminder : the battle was about the control of the barriers on Azaz-Afrin road and the proceeds of Bab alHawa, between Ahrar and Shamiya Front. Both have reached an agreement on sharing the proceeds and Shamiya will keep its barrier on Azaz -Afrin road, and Ahrar has to right to manage the barrier at the Blue Hospital in Bab Salama. In this agreement, the reasons of the fight are not mentioned.



Zanki’s plot in Aleppo’s north rif

Reminder of the plot that Zanki has organized (summary). The embedded video has been posted in the blog post and described the strategy of sedition, putch against the elected local council and the elimination of Shamiya Front :


The banana visit

This visit refers to KSA alMheisni’s visit during Ramadan to Zanki whom attitude has changed since. A year ago, tensions raised between Nusra and Zanki who issued a stating a warning against Nusra who is attempting to control Aleppo.  Since the banana visit, those tensions have disappeared  but appeared with other FSA groups such as Shamiya Front and Fastaqem Union in the East of Aleppo, whom commanders were tortured by Abu Ammara commander and are in jail.  Activists say that Zanki  has become Nusra tools to control Aleppo and further.

The day before that visit, Zanki warned his fighters against Nusra.

The banana visit (video and synopsis in english). In the video Zanki’s commander contradicts his statement about the disputes with Nusra, calling them little skirmishes. The questions during that visit are not futile (see below synopsis). Why “banana” ?  during the visit that happened last Ramadan, Zanki commander offered a banana to alMheisni. Activists believe that Zanki transformation began with that visit as little while after, Zanki joined  JAF.


The banana visit video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkUG0xxaU8U