#Syria news brief for 23/11/2016

FSA Keep Moving Forward to Bab City , and Martyrs in Airstrikes on Several Locations

Field Report – LCC

FSA carried on moving forward toward Bab city in Aleppo eastern countryside as they liberated several villages after clashes with Daesh and so-called People’s Protection Units in the context of Operation Euphrates Shield. Whereas, killed and wounded among Assad’s forces were reported during the clashes with the revolutionists in Kurd and Turkmen Mountains, in Latakia countryside. Meanwhile, Assad’s and Russia’s warplanes unleashed intense attacks on several locations in Syria.

Assad’s and Russia’s warplanes carried out intense attacks on the eastern sieged neighborhoods of Aleppo city where 6 martyrs were reported in Firdous neighborhood, 2 in Sheikh Khidir, 1 in Masakin Hanano, 1 in Karam Beik, and few others along with wounded in Tariq Bab.
Wounded among civilians were reported in Muwasalat neighborhood due to airstrikes. Qarliq neighborhood was subjected to bunker buster bomb attack. A civilian martyr was reported as Assad’s forces targeted Qatirji neighborhood with heavy artillery. Moreover, Assad’s helicopters dropped explosive cylinders on the neighborhoods of Ard Hamra and Sheikh Najjar, and over 13 barrel bombs on Intharat neighborhood in East Aleppo.
In Aleppo countryside, 3 martyrs and some wounded among civilians were reported as Russia’s warplanes launched airstrikes on a marketplace in Kafarnaha town, in the western countryside. They also carried out similar attacks on Khan Asal town in the western countryside and Anadan city in the northern countryside.
On the other hand, as Operation Euphrates Shield continues, FSA captured the villages of Jib Barazi, Dweira, and Barat north of Bab city in the eastern countryside after clashes with Daesh. They also captured the villages of Tal Birsha and Jib Dam north of Qabasin town after fierce clashes with so-called “Syria Democratic Forces”.
Moreover, they blew up a car bomb for Daesh as the later were trying to move forward to Kafira village, north of Bab city.
The revolutionists targeted Assad’s forces gathering in Maysat and Manasher Hills with heavy artillery and Grad missiles, along with fierce clashes in Hanano and Karam Trab neighborhoods.

4 martyrs and some wounded among civilians were reported as Assad’s warplanes carried out thermobaric missile attack on Khan Sheikhoun city in the southern countryside and Talnimis town, east of Maarat Noaman city.
An IED exploded in a revolutionists’ car at the entrance to Armanaz town in the northern countryside, reportedly killing one of them and injuring two others.

The revolutionists claimed capturing all the locations which Assad’s forces had captured earlier in Ain Issa axis, in Turkmen Mountain, after fierce clashes ending up in killing 8 members among the later. They also claimed killing and injuring some members among Assad’s forces as they targeted their strongholds in Tardin Chicken Coops, in Kurd Mountain, with heavy artillery.
In addition, they retake over all the locations that Assad’s forces and their loyal militant groups had captured earlier in Tifahia Mountain and captivated some of them. They also targeted Assad’s forces with mortar shells upon their attempt to move forward to Khidir axis, leaving some members dead and wounded.
In return, Assad’s forces targeted the villages of Shahroura, Ain Issa, and Yamidia in Turkmen Mountain with heavy artillery. Moreover, the Russian warplanes carried out attacks on the axes of Kabana and Kinda in Kurd Mountain. Meanwhile, Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the same axes and on Najia village, according to LCC correspondent.

Damascus Suburbs:
LCC correspondent said that fierce clashes broke out between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in Meidaani Hosh Zhawahra front, along with fierce shelling with missiles and artillery by the later on the region.
Assad’s forces targeted with heavy artillery and machineguns the outskirts of Tal city, Douma city in Eastern Ghouta, And Qaboun neighborhood in Damascus.
He added that Russia’s warplanes carried out thermobaric and remotely-directed missile attacks on the neighborhoods of Haza town in Eastern Ghouta, leaving wounded among civilians. Meantime, Assad’s helicopters dropped two barrel bombs on Wadi Moussa region in the outskirts of Tal city.
A cluster bomb of the airstrikes remnants exploded in Khan Shih Camp where two casualties were reported. Two women passed away due to artillery shelling on civilian houses in Beit Jin town in Western Ghouta.

The revolutionists destroyed a Kornet missile launcher for Assad’s forces with an anti-armor missile in the front of Maan village in the eastern countryside and killed its crew.
The warplanes bombarded Latamnah town, Zalaqiat village in the northern countryside, and Atshan village in the eastern countryside.

Assad’s forces targeted the sieged neighborhood of Waer with surface-to-surface missiles (Fil) and mortar shells, leaving wounded among civilians.

8 martyrs among civilians were reported as Russia’s warplanes launched airstrikes on the residential neighborhoods of Jasem city in the western countryside. The airstrikes targeted as well Dael city in the middle sector, Aliya village and Nawa city in the northwestern countryside.

Source: LCCSy