#Syria |Aleppo news brief


RU and Assad’s AF continue to target Aleppo neighborhoods with all type of arms among them missiles and bunker busters amid  a shelling with artillery and missiles. Those attacks resulted in the killing

  • 6 martyrs in alFardous.
  • 2 martrys in Sheikh Khudr.
  • 1 in all of alQaterji and Masaken Hanano.

Along with those attacks, cases of suffocation have been documented after helicopters targeted Ard alHamra with TNT barrels containing Chlorine.

On the military side, Rebels reportedly killed and  injured several of the Assad’s militias during fierce fights at Sheikh Said, Maysallon, Masaken Hannano, al Enzarat and alUweija.  Rebels launched an offiensive on Sakan alShababi in Shaikh Najjar to to recapture the points they have lost.

In the countryside, AC continue their air raids on the liberated towns and villages, which resulted in  3 civilians killed in Kafr Naha. Rebels on their side, targeted the Assad’s militias on Talat alMayasat with Grad missiles inflicting them casualities.

Concerning Eurphrates shield, please see the blog post 97th day update.

Videos :

The result of the attack  on at alFardouswith Thermobaric missiles. 6 martyrs.

Aftermath of the explosion of a missile on Dahrat Awad – Civilians are protesting