#Syria|FSA deradicalization centre for Daesh in the North of Syria (Fr)

  • It is a first deradicalization centre in Syria by FSA of its kind. Only 60 Daesh defectors. It is not a detention centre as the one inn Azaz run by FSA Shamiya Front, with  300 of foreign Daesh fighters POW.
  • FSA refuses foreign Funds.
  • FSA fears infiltrated Daesh among the defectors who intend to carry out attacks in Europe after they leave the centre. Seen as a first step before fighters return to Europe.
  • After the centre, they are handed to the Turkish authority who put them in a centre before sending them back to Europe.
Video of the interveiw of the Figaro journalist and full synopsis of the interview in french

Source : https://www.rts.ch/info/monde/8184038-un-centre-de-deradicalisation-ouvert-au-plus-pres-des-combats-en-syrie.html