#Syria|Euphrates Shield|90th day update

Turkey hits 93 Daesh targets in Syria.

Turkish Armed Forces hit 93 Daesh targets including shelters and command-and-control centers in Syria on Monday, according to a statement released Tuesday.

Turkey’s military confirmed that one Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighter was injured in fighting on Monday.

FSA special task force soldiers, backed by Turkey, continued land-based attacks to control east and west of Al-Bab city.

Source : Anadolu news

FSA recaptured Qabasin after fierce clashes with Daesh. (Confirmed by RFS https://t.co/a7gY8Cmfps)

FSA has reached alBab (see pics).

Reports FSA freed the village of Qurt alKobra after Sheikh Nassir, after TR air attacks. The air raids and FSA attack are confirmed by Manbij military council spox who plays the victim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9ooIimGSok

He speaks about a humanitarian corridor which is in fact a corridor to head to alBab as they declared several times they will not allow FSA to get closer to the town, after they formed a QASAD MC with Abu Jami’ alMuftares, which only has 10 fighers accordong to their claims :).  He also said that QASAD forces are  to defend and not to attack anyone (No comments).  Indeed they called in the IC which is in contact with everybody. fs

Same reports say that PKK/QASAD are encircled in 3 villages : Kawakli, Suwaizan and Qatqawi
PKK/QASAD is shelling alArima with heavy artillery shells and Daesh has moved the residents 2km to the south.
Hit and run battles for Qabasin between Daesh and FSA.

TAF F-16 carried out air raids on the area between Jub alBarazi-Utashli and on Sab Wayran