Syria news brief|Losses for Assad’s Forces in Aleppo and Damascus Suburbs, and Martyrs Reported in Shelling on Aleppo, Hama and Homs

Field Report – LCC

A number of Assad’s ground forces were killed during clashes with the revolutionists at the front of Sheikh Saeed and the fronts of the Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Suburbs while martyrs and wounded were reported due to shelling on the besieged neighborhood of Waer in Homs and the suburbs of Hama and Idlib

LCC correspondent in Aleppo reported that the revolutionists announced regaining all the locations to which Assad’s forces and pro-Assad militias have advanced at the fronts of Sheikh Saeed neighborhood following fierce clashes in which dozens of the latter were killed or injured. Moreover, the revolutionists destroyed a t62 tank and a Kornet launcher at the fronts of Nobol and Zahraa towns in the northern suburbs. He pointed out that the clashes continued on the eastern fronts of Aleppo.
He added that 5 civilians were martyred and others injured due to Assad’s helicopters shelling with barrel bombs on Maysar neighborhood. Other civilian casualties were reported due to the Syrian and Russian forces aerial shelling with thermobaric missiles and barrel bombs on the neighborhoods of Ard Hamra, Sakhour, Masakin Hanano and Sheikh Saeed in besieged Aleppo as well as intensified artillery and rocket shelling.
Moreover, Russian warplanes targeted Anadan city in the northern suburbs, Marrat Arteeq town in the western suburbs and Banan Has town in the southern suburbs
LCC correspondent reported the death of 6 civilians and the injury of others due to more than 5 airstrikes with thermobaric missiles launched by Assad’s warplanes on Latamna city and pointed out that the civil defense volunteers were removing the bodies from under the debris and helping the injured
He added that Assad’s warplanes launched intensified airstrikes on the cities of Morek and Tibat Imam and the village of Bouwaida causing massive damages.

2 civilians were martyred and others injured due to airstrikes launched by Assad’s warplanes on Binnish city in the northern suburbs. Similar airstrikes were reported in Marrat Masrin city and the towns of Kafr Takharim and Armanaz in the northern suburbs, which led to several casualties.
Assad’s warplanes also targeted the houses in the towns of Hubeit, Tamanaa and Sheikh Mustafa in the southern suburbs with thermobaric missiles, which led to several civilian casualties. Moreover, Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs on Skik village.
Moreover, 2 people were martyred and several others were injured due to an IED explosion targeted a car for the revolutionists on the outskirts of Saraqeb city in the eastern suburbs
In Latakia, revolutionists targeted Assad’s forces locations in Rasho hill and Ain Baida village and hit targets. They, also, targeted the gatherings and locations of Assad’s forces on Nabi Yonis hill with artillery shells 130mm causing them losses in terms of deaths and weapons.
On the other hand, Assad’s helicopters drop barrel bombs on the axes of Haddada in Kurds Mountain. Moreover, Assad’s forces located on Zahia Mountain targeted the residential neighborhoods in Sallour and Yamdia villages in Turkmen Mountain with rockets
In Homs, a lady and young man were martyred and dozens were injured due to targeting the besieged neighborhood of Wear with Fil missiles and dozens of mortar and napalm shells. Meanwhile, Rastin city in the northern suburbs was targeted with similar artillery shelling
In Damascus Suburbs, revolutionists thwarted a new attempt by Assad’s forces to advance on the front of Midiani town in Eastern Ghouta where fierce clashes broke out between the two sides ending up by destroying a tank and a shilka vehicle in addition to killing several members of the latter
Moreover, fierce clashes broke out between revolutionists and Assad’s forces on the outskirts of Mohamadia in Eastern Ghouta where revolutionists could cause the latter losses in terms of deaths. Meanwhile, Russian warplanes raided on the city of Saqba in addition to the town of #Nishabia causing damages in property
In Damascus, Assad’s forces targeted the residential houses in Qabon neighborhood with heavy and medium machine guns
In Deir Ezzor, fierce clashes broke out between Assad’s forces and Daesh on the fronts of Jafra and Sinaa where large number of casualties were reported among both parties. Meanwhile, Russian warplanes, in participation with Assad’s warplanes, raided Deash-held neighborhoods, Maamil Roundabout and the northern entrance on Hasaka road