#Syria| Aleppo short brief

RU and Assad’s AC carried out air raids on E. Aleppo neighborhoods with TNT barrels which some of them contained chlorine and missiles. The attacks with chlorine resulted with suffocation problems among the civilians and the air raids resulted in killing 5 civilians in alMayasar and 8 in alSukkari.  A number of civilians were reported injured.

The air raids continued to target the towns and the villages in the western rif with all kind of arms, which resulted in civilians reported killed and injured.

Rebels recaptured all the points they lost in Sheikh Said, destroyed a regime tank and killed and injured a number of the militias. They destroyed a Kornet Launcher at Nubl and Zahra with an ATGM and pound both towns with Katyusha. They killed as well a number of Assad’s militias in Al Karton with an ATGM as they destroyed a sts launcher at al Family House with a TOW.

Fights have been reported between the rebels and Assad’s militias at alJandul and al Uweija in Aleppo amid AC raids on alUweija with heavy machineguns.