Opinion: Trump and #Syria via Syrian Observer

It seemed in the time of preparing for the American presidential elections that there was a tendency toward fear and alarm in the Syrian position about the nomination of Donald Trump to the US presidency and a preference for Hillary Clinton, not because she was better than before but rather because she was likely to do the least damage to Syrians.

A source of worry for Syrians and their opposition about Trump’s victory was in his coming from outside the known political elite, and his populism and his statements which accompanied his nomination, some of which had meanings and implications conflicting with the perspective of Syrians and their elite in their view of policy — and American policy in particular — which explains the caution about his reaching the White House where he will stay for the next four years, with the possibility of another four after that.

With the issue of Trump’s public statements, which have created many storms around the man and his anticipated policies in foreign and domestic affairs, some, including Syrians, have ignored or forgotten, that they came in the context of an electoral competition, in which things are said rarely in other positions, places and times outside the battle. It seems that the contents of the victory speech which Trump gave after winning the election were a notable confirmation of this truth, which clearly many were not aware of – not just Syrians, but also Americans.

See mre: http://syrianobserver.com/EN/Commentary/31993/Opinion_Trump_Syria/