Opinion: Syria After Obama and His Administration via Syrian Observer

With a view to the end of the Obama era at the head of the world’s only superpower, and with no more than two months left for him at the White House and therefore in global decision-making circles, there will be a new administration in the US with no connection to the current president or his Democratic party, or the mentality which has administered the country and has influenced the course of events throughout the world, including, of course, Syria, its revolution, and its ongoing tragedy.

The Obama administration has watched the Syrian revolution since its peaceful beginning, and closely monitored the intense demonstrations of its people, which covered nearly all its cities and villages and its nationalist slogans which were far removed from extremism, sectarianism and violence for six full months. Its ambassador in Damascus visited Hama and saw with his own eyes the hundreds of thousands of Syrians of different religions, sects, and political orientations demonstrating together and chanting together for the nation and for freedom.

I was in Syria throughout the first nine months of the revolution, and for the first six months I was out, almost every day, in most of the protests in Al-Tell, Douma and Harasta demanding reforms and democracy in the beginning, and then, after the monstrosity of what the regime carried out and the rising number of martyrs, moved on to calling for the downfall of the regime. I did that until my first arrest at the end of July 2011.

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