French Judiciary investigates a secret defense document leaked to journalists

French judiciary opened an investigation in Paris after a leaked document classified “secret defense” about a Collapse French plan to launch strikes in Syria in 2013, was btained by journalists in the course of an interview they held with President Francois Hollande, a court source said.

The source explained that the investigation is opened in the case of endangering national defense at risk, at the request is raised by the right-wing MP Eric Sioti to justice, according to  the “AFP.”

According to the two journalists from the newspaper “Le Monde” in an article published in the August 24 / August for an interview they held with Holland on August 30, 2013, and published a document stamped “confidential defense”, they said they had obtained a copy.
The two journalists wrote that the document “developed by the leadership that (Holland) for the previous day, August 29, 2013, detailing the timetable for the planned raid. It’s a real timetable to the French intervention. ”

And tells the story titled “The day … where Obama gave up on Holland,” the nature of the circumstances that have made France stop launching strikes in Syria, after US President Barack Obama retreated from his position.

Sioti condemned at the end of last August to “exposing the blatant and dangerous necessary confidentiality to our security and our sovereignty.” He stressed in his letter to the public prosecutor in Paris on November 4 this he addressed letters to the Ministry of Defense without receiving an answer.
According to the source it said the public prosecutor sent a letter to the Ministry of Defense to ask for answers about the confidentiality of the document and the level of abuse to the national defense.

The Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian close associate of Holland played down in early November the seriousness of the facts. He said that the issue related to “publishing details in an evening newspaper about events dating back to three years, and the event did not happen.”

The United States and France were planning in 2013 to hit the Assad regime accused of using chemical weapons in an attack on Damascus on August 21 of that year, led to (the death of) hundreds of civilians, but then Obama gave up at the last minute for striking Syria after a plan was reached through an agreement with Moscow to destroy the arsenal of chemical weapons to the Assad regime.

Source: LCCSy