Verbal rifts turn into battles between the Iranian and Assad’s militias, and expand to Damascus countryside

The disagreements between the Iranian and Assad’s militias expanded to Damascus rif and evolved into armed fights which resulted in militias reported killed and injured. These armed fights happened after Halesh militias and Suhail alHassan forces alias al Nimr after verbal rifts between them.

Recently reports by alMayadeen TV reporter mentioned that the Nimr forces and Desert Falcons have been both looting homes in Aleppo west.  The journalist close to the Desert Falcon denied thsoe claims and accused alMayadeen reporter to look for fame.  Shia Clerics have been also accusing the Assad’s forces to lack morality and  be weak. In a preach, one Iraqi cleric accused a year ago, the Alawites to sell the lands after the Shia militias liberate them.

In the same context, field sources also say that fights between the NDF and Liwa Fadl alAbbas erupted in Saydet Zaynab and resulted in no less than 4 killed and 6 injured on both sides, and this after the militias shia wanted to control a NDF barrier in the area.

excerpts from an article in AlDorar alShamiya in arabic.