#Syria|Latakia rif|huge fires in Qaradaha forest and bushes area

Huge fires in Latakia rif ignited yesterday and are destroying thousands of trees and bushes encircling Qardaha, and resulted in more displaced from those villages and those that the fires have not yet reached.

Loyalist pages report accuse  the charcoal traders who belong the Assad Familiy.

The fires have been destroying the area for more than 12 consecutive hours and reached the villages

  • الإريزة وغاباتها
  • ديروتان
  • لميسة
  • باقيلون
  • القلمون
  •   المعلقة
  • كفرز
  • خريبات القلعة
  • قلعة المهالبة

Residents have  sent SOS calls to helicopters to help quash the fire, but it seems their priorities remain to bomb the liberated areas.