#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3| FSA infantry of the Eastern Division joins the battle

The infantry affiliated to the FSA Eastern Division 101 liberated the village of Sheikh Nasser, 15 km far to the East of alBab. They took 4  PKK/QASAD POW.

The commander in charge of the operation said that infantry units of the FSA Eastern Division 101 have progressed and launched an unexpected attack on the PKK/QASAD at 2.00 am in the morning in conjunction with Ahfad alRassul Division, and took control of the village in the first hours. He also said that FSA foiled a PKK/QASAD counter attack thanks to the backing of other forces participating in the battle. They grabbed 2 vehicles and a number of spoils such as light and middle range arms, and ammunitions. The infantry  is cleaning the area from the PKK/QASAD, amid the happiness of the village residents who are Turkmen in  majority and Arabs.

Eastern Division 101 has been among the first to enter Syria 5 days ago,  after completing a  military training in Turkey and to join the Euphrates Shield battle. It is formed of Syrian officers and soldiers who have defected the SAA.

The commander said that they aim to Raqqa after cleaning up the western Eurphrates with the other FSA formations.

Source : Raqqa post and Baladi news.