#Syria| Aleppo|Jordanian company name on chlorine barrels dropped by Assad’s Helicopters

Enab Baladi and SNN carried both their investigagtion and give more details about the company.

Enab Baladi mentions that the company was established in 2004 and is the largest company in the ME.

SNN search lead to a company in Jordan that produces the same yellow barrel, based in a free industrial area  n°474, in Jordan. It began to produce chemical products for the market in 2008. It produces Caustic Soda, liquid Chlorine,  Acid Hydrochloric and Sodium Hydochlorite , and  has several agents in Irak, Liberia, Morocco, Lebanon and presumably, one of them must provide Syria Regime with those barrels.

Enab Baladi also contacted the company BCC which confirmed that it stopped producing those products in 2011 and denied to do anything with arms and missiles. It only produces chemicals to sterelize the water. The company added that it stopped to export the chemicals to Syria after the  Revolution in 2011, and that the UNICEF was monitoring their export to Syria


SNN caption


The link to both articles :

SNN (more pictures):  http://bit.ly/2gaj26Z

Enab Baladi: http://www.enabbaladi.net/archives/114863