CBS’s “interview” with Erdogan, broadcast…

CBS‘s “interview” with Erdogan, broadcast Sunday evening, American time. This exchange, it is now revealed, occurred “last month”. So, the timing of the transmission of the “interview” is possibly more significant than the “interview” itself, which “interview” in fact barely features in CBS’s feature headed “Turkey’s disillusionment with the U.S.”. Most of the ~13-minute delivery contains commentary, not interview. Great emphasis is placed on the value of American airbases in Turkey, for example. At the end, hope is raised for Erdogan in the form, or the prospect, of Donald Trump. So, this CBS item is in fact a message, riding on the back of fragments from an interview, the interview itself a good three weeks out of date and thus withheld for the occasion, and then only little bits extracted. There could be several reasons for this improbable screening. Maybe the American public should be briefed about Erdogan, in case he should suddenly feature large as current news. And possibly Erdogan himself is being warned, publicly, if also a little elliptically, not to leave the pack, this through the words of James Jeffrey (US ambassador to Turkey, 2008-2010), concerning the aforementioned airbases: “They’re extremely important. We could not be doing the campaign against ISIS right now in Northern Iraq and in Syria without these bases.”

So, Turkey is an airbase.

The CBS Erdogan presentation