campaign : Are we ready to call the White House and make our demands about Aleppo?

Call the number below and use the following script:
White House Call-In Number: 202-456-1111


My name is ______ and I’m calling from ______.

I am calling to ask President Obama to take a decisive step to end Russian and Syrian government war crimes and crimes against humanity in Syria.

On Friday that the last remaining hospitals in Eastern Aleppo were bombed out of service.

Over the weekend the people endured a chlorine gas attack.

Over 250,000 civilians are now living under siege and they are expected to run out of food and medicine within days.

The United States cannot remain on the sidelines.
Now is the time for the United States to take immediate action through the following:

1. Consideration of a no-fly
2. food and air drops.
3. Emergency UN Security
Council action.

If we stay quiet, we are accomplices to the atrocities.
Please do something now!


Yes! Keep trying. Some have gotten through.
Otherwise you can fill this out too:

via Abu Hatem FB page