#Syria|#PYD_Violations|PYD has arrested 100s of opponents say activists

Kurdish activists confirmed that the self-administration run by the  PKK/PYD in Syria is detaining hundreds of activists and Kurdish politicians in its jails. They point out that the  party began to arrest also non Kurdish personalities, which sparked a discontent in the Jazira area.

The sources told the italian news agency “AKI”,  the party that dominates the north of Syria and specially the region with a Kurdish-majority,  is practicing a policy of repression against the opponents of Kurds and non Kurds such as the Syriacs, Arabs and the Assyrians.

The sources also told that the party has arrested in November alone, more than 50 activists and political figures in the Hassakeh province to the NE of Syria, among them members and leaders of political parties and organizations allies to the KNC: Sabah Mala Abdel Karim-Muhammad Amin Abdel Razaq-Muhammad Sharif Yussuf-Ramadan Abadallay-Jamil Kuru-Yussuf Muhammad Said Remo-Abdel Wahab Muhammad Karmi- Amin Muhammad.

These sources mentioned the PYD security forces, the Assayesh forces,  are those who  have arrested the  Kurdish personalities and Christian religious figures alike. Most recently they arrested the lawyer Riad Haddu Addo, Secretary of Mili Majlis of the Syriac Orthodox Church in Maliki town.

Despite the condemnation by the KNC and other Kurdish parties, civil and christian bodies in the region, and protests in different european capitals, the PYD has refused to respond to their demand and continues the oppressive policy, accusing the detainees to violate  the self-management administration law and participate to unlicensed demonstrations.