#Syria|#FSA brings back life to liberated Jarablus

All civic activities were absent in Aleppo’s eastern and north-eastern countryside during the two years that “Islamic State” controlled most of the cities and villages of this region bordering Turkey. With the expulsion of “Islamic State”, civic activities have recently returned to the liberated city of Jarablus supported by the “Committee to Restore Stability”.

The committee was formed by a decision from the provincial council of “free Aleppo” at the start of December 2015. Manah Deeb, a member of the committee who is responsible for research and media, spoke about the committee’s work and its recent projects.

Evaluating Needs and Projects to Restore Normal Life

The committee is formed of several subcommittees including engineering, education, legal affairs, medical affairs and research and media. Its main priority in the liberated areas is to offer assistance to local councils to launch their work and make them more effective. Where no local council exists, the committee helps to establish one in a manner that is representative of all the area’s social and religious groups.

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