#Syria, Aleppo brief

RU and Assad’s ACs and helicopters  continued their air raids for 6th day with  an intense artillery and missiles shelling of the neighborhoods in the Eastern Aleppo. Assad’s helicopters dropped TNT barrels containing Chlorine in alSakhur neighborhood where an entire family of 6 (a father, a mother and their 4 children) died of suffocation. 3 civilians have been reported killed as the result of random shelling in:

  • Jabal Bardu : 3 civilians reported killed.
  • Al Sha’ar: 11 civilians reported killed.
  • Ard alHamra: 3 civilians reported killed.
  • Sayf alDawla : 2 civilians reported killed.
  • Karam alJabal: 1 civilian reported killed.

The air raids put out of service the rescue center in Masaken Hanano, along with several mortars targeted the areas controlled by Assad’s militias.

(Pictures and videos have been already posted)

In the countryside, air raids targeted several towns and villages, and resulted in many civilians killed and injured. The air raids targeted the civil defense center at Urem alKubra, which resulted in putting it out of service. 2 martyrs in Bayanun after Assad’s militias have targeted them with a thermic missile.