#Syria| Aleppo battle| short brief

Violent fights took place at Sheikh Said frontline and rebels killed and injured a number of Assad’s militias after targeting them with mortars. They also recaptured all the points where Assad’s militias advanced at al Uweija. Intense fights took place at al Sena’a and Sheikh Najjar as the rebels attempted to control some points, who attempt to foil attacks from both Liwa 80 and Nayrab airbase.

In the north of Aleppo, Rebels destroyed a missile launcher and killed its crew at Bayanun with a Tow. They also killed a number of Assad’s militias on al Malah frontline with mortars. They also targeted Assad’s positions on Sheikh Yussuf with Grads injuring directly the militias. They also destroyed Assad’s Kornet launcher nearby Nubl and Zahra with a Tow.

Kurdish militias in Sheikh Maqsud shelled 60 heavy shells alHulk in Aleppo neighbohood.