#Syria news brief |Assad and Russia Warplanes Carry on Committing Massacres in Aleppo via LCCSy

Field Report – LCC

Russian and Assad’s warplanes carried on their air raids, along with artillery shelling, on the eastern sieged neighborhoods of Aleppo, committing massacres against civilians for the fifth day in a row. Fierce clashes took place between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in the fronts of Khan Shih Camp in Western Ghouta, in Damascus Suburbs.

LCC correspondent stated that airstrikes by Assad’s and Russian warplanes with missiles and barrel bombs, coincided with fierce artillery shelling with all kinds of heavy arms, targeted the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, leaving dozens of martyrs and wounded among civilians. 10 martyrs were reported in Bustan Pasha neighborhood, 8 in Qadi Askar, and 7 in Ansari, in addition to dozens of wounded.
He added that Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs, along with intensive airstrikes by his warplanes, on Jisr Haj neighborhood, leaving 5 civilians dead. Similar attacks targeted the neighborhoods of Halk, Sayf Dawla, Firdous, Zabadia, and Shaar, leaving 12 martyrs and 50 critically injured.
The airstrikes targeted also Malh square and Jaloum neighborhood, where 9 civilians passed away as a result and dozens were injured.
The Russian warplanes carried out bunker buster and thermobaric missile attacks on Hreitan city and Haian town in the northern countryside, reporting two martyrs and some wounded. Similar attacks targeted the villages of Wasta and Tal Aloush in the southern countryside and Kafar Halap town in the western countryside.

Damascus Suburbs:
LCC correspondent said that the revolutionists destroyed a tank for Assad’s forces and killed some members among them during the clashes in the fronts of Skeik and Qusur in Khan Shih Camp, in Western Ghouta. Meantime, Assad’s helicopters dropped two explosive containers and over 40 barrel bombs, along with artillery and missile shelling on its farmlands and vicinity.
He added that fierce clashes broke out between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in Hosh Zhawahra axis and Meidaani town in Eastern Ghouta. A vehicle was set on fire and some civilians were wounded as Assad’s forces targeted it with heavy machineguns on the road of Ifra in Wadi Barada.

Assad’s forces blew up a building in Yarmouk Camp along with fierce clashes between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces, coincided with fierce shelling with heavy artillery and machineguns on the residential houses.

Russian warplanes carried out thermobaric missile attacks on Khan Sheikhoun city, Tamanaa town, and Tal Aas village in the southern countryside, in addition to Saraqeb city and the outskirts of Sarmin town in the eastern countryside, leaving a martyr and some wounded among civilians. The outskirts of Jisr Shughur city and the villages of Kafir and Frika in the western countryside were subjected to similar attacks.

The revolutionists thwarted Daesh attempt to sneak into Dhahr checkpoint in Lajat region, in the eastern countryside. The clashes ended up with martyrs among the revolutionists and killed among Daesh. The warplanes bombarded Dael city and Ibtaa town in the middle sector. Assad’s forces targeted with Shilka machineguns and artillery shells the residential houses of Yadoda town in the middle sector, leaving wounded among civilians.

The Russian warplanes carried out thermobaric missile attacks on the vicinity of Latamna and Kafarzita cities, and Saiad village in the northern countryside.

Assad’s forces target the sieged neighborhood of Waer with 5 surface-to-surface missiles and dozens of Napalm shells, leaving wounded among civilians.

Russian warplanes launched several airstrikes on the axis of Kabana village in Kurds Mountain, along with fierce shelling with missile launchers on the axes of Khidir and Hadada villages. The Turkish borders in Turkmen Mountain and the villages of Sillour and Shahroura were subjected to similar shelling.

The revolutionists targeted Assad’s forces strongholds in Baath city, Amal farmlands, and Fourth Brigade with missile launchers.

Deir Ezzour:
Assad’s warplanes bombarded Rashdia and Kanamat neighborhoods, while the International Coalition warplanes launched several airstrikes on Boukamal steppe in the eastern countryside.