#Syria |Aleppo battle short brief

Rebels targted the Assad’s militias on Rajm Hilltop at Sheikh Said with rockets, injuring directly the militias.

They also destroyed a pick up carrier loaded with a Doshka and killed the crew at al Uweija with heavy machineguns. At al Mallah front line, they destroyed a missile launcherand  killed its crew with an ATGM. They foiled an attempt by the Assad’s militias to progress toward  suq al Jibs, 10 of them, Aqrab, and khan alAssal. They destroyed a military bulldozer and a trucks on Ahad hiltop in the southern rif of Aleppo with a Fagot.

Fights between both the rebels and Assad’s militias  in Sheikh Najjar, and  Uweija along with intensive air attacks and shellings.