Syrian news brief via LCCSy

Killed for Assad’s Forces in Aleppo and Damascus Suburbs, and Martyrs and Wounded due to Airstrikes
Field Report – LCC
Russia and Assad’s regime carried on bombarding the liberated cities, leaving martyrs and wounded. Meantime, killed among Assad’s forces were reported in several fronts of Aleppo and Damascus Suburbs.

LCC correspondent in Aleppo said that the Russian warplanes bombarded Arada village in the western countryside leaving 7 martyrs of one family and dozens of wounded among civilians. A martyr was reported also in similar airstrikes on Haian city.
In the same context, Kafarnaseh was targeted with a cluster bomb attack resulting in a martyr and 4 wounded among children. The Russian warplanes bombarded Daret Izza city and the towns of Qubtan Jabal, Kafarnaha, Ais, and Rasm Ais village.
In Aleppo city, 5 martyrs and some wounded were reported as Russian warplanes carried out parachute missile attack on Sakhour neighborhood. 3 martyrs and some wounded were reported also as Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the neighborhood.
12 cases of suffocation among civilians were reported as Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs with Chlorine Gaz on the neighborhoods of Ard Hamra and Masakin Hanano, according to LCC correspondent.
Assad’s forces targeted the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo with heavy artillery and missile launchers, and no casualties were reported.
On the other hand, the revolutionists thwarted Assad’s forces attempt to move forward to the neighborhoods of Sheikh Saeid and Beidin were clashes took place ending up in killed and wounded among the later.

Damascus Suburbs:
LCC correspondent said that the revolutionists took back several points in Meidaani front in Eastern Ghouta which Assad’s forces had captured earlier. Fierce clashes took place between them also in the front of Mheimida town in Eastern Ghouta amid fierce shelling on the region.
6 martyrs and dozens of wounded among civilians were reported as Assad’s warplanes and forces bombarded Jisrin town in Eastern Ghouta. Douma city was subjected to fierce missile and artillery shelling leaving 4 martyrs, including children. Wounded among civilians were reported as well in similar attacks on the towns of Saqba and Jisrin in Eastern Ghouta and Beit Jin town in Western Ghouta.

Fierce clashes broke out between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in the outskirts of Qaboun neighborhood, along with mortar shelling on the region. Assad’s forces targeted the residential houses of Tadamun neighborhood with heavy machineguns. Missile shells fell on Muhajirin neighborhood and killed one and injured others.

Assad’s forces target the sieged neighborhood of Waer with 4 surface-to-surface (Fil) missiles and targeted the civilians with snipers, leaving some wounded.

Latakia: Russian warplanes carried out 5 thermobaric missile attacks on the axes of Kabana village in Kurds Mountain. Assad’s helicopters dropped several barrel bombs on the axes of Tardin village and Kinda and Kafridin villages. Assad’s forces targeted with missile launchers and heavy artillery shells the axes of Killiz, Hayat, Khidir, and Hadada in Kurds Mountain.

Russian warplanes carried out thermobaric missile attacks on Saraqeb city in the eastern countryside, the towns of Khan Sabil and Babila, and the villages of Talaas and Abdin in the southern countryside.
An IDPs camp in Om Sir region, in Shahshabou Mountain in the southern countryside, was targeted with similar attacks, leaving a martyr and some wounded. Assad’s warplanes bombarded the outskirts of Jisr Shughur city in the western countryside.
A combatant among the revolutionists passed away and another wounded as an IED exploded in their car on the outskirts of Ariha city in the southern countryside.

Hama: the revolutionists targeted Assad’s forces strongholds based in Azraq Factory, north of Souran city in the northern countryside, with heavy artillery and mortar shells. Assad’s warplanes carried out thermobaric missile attack on Tibat Imam city in the northern countryside.