#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3|86th day update|Qabasin and Kandarliya are FSA and not PKK/QASAD

FSA recaptures Qabbasin from Daesh. Below pictures show Ahfad Salah Eddine displaying Zenki flag inside the village. On the right, you can see the commander. Reminder, Ahfad Salah Eddine is a Kurdish Liwa affiliated to the FSA.

Picture are taken rom Zenki and spox accounts


Ahfad Salah Eddine Commader Mahmud Khalo Abu Hamza wrote ten hours ago: Qabasin (his village) is free and will remain free, FSA has freed again Qabasin and not PKK/QASAD as mentionned by SRO


FSA dissambled a Daesh carbomb before reaching Kandarliyah and arrested the driver