#Syria|An FSA TOW launcher tells why he joins the #FSA |#FSA_OurChoice #الجيش_الحر_خيارنا

“My dream is to participate in the formation of a national army that aims to defend and protect the nation.”

During the revolution, the Syrian youth, especially those who defected from the regime’s army, excelled in many fields including the use of weapons in a unique way. One of them is Sohail Mohammed Hamoud, twenty-seven years old, who is known to the Syrians as Sohail Abu Al-Taw. His name was associated with the weapon he used to give the regime unforgettable lessons. He spoke to the Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office saying, “I stay on the fronts during the battles and on Al-Zawiya Mountain of Idlib in the other times.”

I admire TOW missiles because they can turn off the machine of destruction in my country

Upon asking Sohail about the meaning of weapons to him, he replied saying, “For me, arms are used only for defending the country, I do not carry any type of weapons outside the battle.”
As for the reason for his passion for TOW missiles out of all weapons, he said, “because it is the only weapon that can stop the machine of destruction in my country including tanks, cannons, BMP vehicles, and medium machineguns.”

Before launching the missile, a tank shell targeted me

About the most difficult situation he faced, Sohail said, “I totally believe that the fighter could die at any moment. In one of the battles on the front of Al-Shaiekh Sa’ed in Aleppo, I was on one of the buildings trying to hit a tank with a missile. Suddenly, a shell hit me causing injures all over my body.”
As for his dreams, he added,” I hope to go back to the army, which I volunteered in before the defection, and to participate in the formation of a national army that aims to defend our homeland.”

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 Source: RFS