#Syria|Aleppo brief in pictures and videos #RussiaBurnsAleppo

13  hours: Assad’s AC dropped TNT barrels with Chlorine in Masaken Hanano and breathing problem cases have been reported. An entire familiy has been reported killed as the result of Thermobaric missiles on Kfar Jum. Air attacks on the Aleppo neighborhood of alSha’ar.


11 hours : RU Air attacks with parachuted missiles on alSakhur neighborhood of Aleppo, which resulted in important damages in homes and infrastructures.

11 hours : Air attacks on Masaken Hanano and important casualties are reported.

11 hours : one civilian reported killed Several civilians reported injured in Hayan as the result of the air attacks.

And air attacks with thermobaric missiles on Heyan, Hretan and Asya.

10 hours : 1 civilian reported killed in Kafr Nassej as the result of air attack with cluster bombs.

5 hours : Air attack on alQasimiya in west of Aleppo.

30 civilians reported killed and dozens reported injured in Yaqeb alAdas

5.00 hours : one of the factory destroyed in alMansura

5.00 hours : air attack on Tariq al Bab with parachuted missiles resulted also with 5 civilians reported killed and 7 others injured. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUB-2gHZLCA&feature=youtu.be

4.00 hours :  Air attacks on Darat al Ezzat in Aleppo rif

Destruction of the Free Faculty of Literature and Education in Darat Ezzat as the result of the air attacks.

34 minutes : the Omar Ibn abdel Aziz hospital is out of work as the result of  shelling with missile launchers and heavy artillery

Statement : all hospitals are out of work


White Helmet rescue center is out of work in Bab alNayrab due to TNT barrels attack by the regime helicopters.

Deat toll : 80