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S. Joshi from the British think-tank Royal United Services Inst warns against reducing options in the conflict down to the choice between 2 evils.

It’s wrong to see the Assad regime unilaterally as a bulwark against a radical ISIS takeover, Assad often presents himself this way. The longer U continue to pretend this is only a counter-terrorism problem, the more you will be feeding the continuity of extremism and terrorism.

Democratic change, through political transition, rather than cooperation with Assad, needs to remain the main goal. Those who have spent years calling Assad evil can’t suddenly turn around and make him an ally or ignore his war crimes. Allying with Assad, or turning a blind eye to his war crimes would only induce real anger amongst an already embittered, aggrieved rebellion. Why would you imperil what you’ve stood 4, the H.R. values, by allying w/ a man who has ultimately done more 2 inflate & foster that threat?

Source: HadiAlBahra

Secretary John Kerry says he discussed all aspects of Aleppo, Syria, with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov – Reuters

Russia’s Lavrov says Russia did not bomb Aleppo this week, countering reports – Reuters

Interfax reports that Russia starts contact with Trump’s team on Syria, according to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Bogdanov – Reuters