Interesting comments by Jan Achakzai,…

Interesting comments by Jan Achakzai, who describes himself on his Twitter account as “Political Pundit, Journalist, Politician – PML-N [Pakistan Muslim League], Advisor CM [Chief Minister] [of] Balochistan Govt [Balochistan is one of Pakistan’s four provinces], Ex-Advisor/Aide 2 HE MFR [Maulana Fazlur Rehman], Geo-Strategist, Ex-BBC, Media Mentor, CEO BRDC [unknown – ‘Freelance Media Analyst’ cited on LinkedIn against ‘CEO’]”. Comments made in the context of Erdogan’s current two-day visit to Pakistan:

“Pakistan-Turkey relations have blossomed into a strategic understanding on many issues that both countries have converged on. Turkey after failed coup felt betrayed as to how its stability was undermined.

“Earlier, already its interests were contested by the US and Nato in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Caucasus and the Balkans. Equally, Pakistan is also gradually bracing to come out of its alliance with the US – after Washington strategically signalled to prop up India – and expanding on strategic and economic relations with China. Islamabad is going to be Turkey’s window to the world’s economic power house – China. Along with Saudi Arabia, Pakistan also offers a unique opportunity to Turkey to form a strong regional security alliance at time when the US and Nato security guarantees are increasingly perceived eroded by allies and member states alike – from Philippines, Thailand, Sweden, besides, Saudi Arabia and to Turkey itself. Turkey will also be seeking help to be part of increasingly realigned geo-geopolitical convergence between Pakistan, China and Russia.

“The CPEC [China–Pakistan Economic Corridor] is another magnet that can bind together both countries. Pakistan and Turkey are also well placed as active Muslim countries for reforming UNSC [United Nations Security Council]. At times when Turkey needs help, Pakistan must come forward to strengthen this bond further.”

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