#FSA_OurChoice| Hisham Al-Omar, former SAA defected after Asef Shawkat ordered the killing the young and old people to quell the demonstrations.”

The Story of a Fighter… Hisham Al-Omar: the regime burned my house, and I will fight with the FSA until we overthrow the Assad regime and raise the revolution flag

“My defection came after the orders of Asef Shawkat of killing the young and old people to quell the demonstrations.”

The Free Syrian Army gave, and still giving, fighters who defended the dignity of the Syrian people and sought to achieve the goals of the revolution, especially to overthrow the regime, fighting fierce battles and going through tough situations. Hisham Al-Omar from Mi’zaf town in Hama countryside was serving before the revolution in the General Staff of the regime as a sergeant.

He told his story to the Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office saying,” My duty before the revolution was to accompany senior regime officers. With the outbreak of the revolution, the regime forces began to storm houses and shoot the demonstrators. As an escort to senior officers, I used to hear all of their conversations. On one occasion we were asked by Asef Shawkat to deal with demonstrators firmly, he told us (Do not show mercy to the young or the old, slay who ever you want). Shawkat was very cautious and has the largest number of escorts, and orders come exclusively from him.”

Al-Omar continued, “One day, they told us that the demonstration took to the streets in Jobar neighborhood of Damascus giving orders to go there. When we arrived, the security members and Shabiha militias beat everyone, even young children, arresting a large number of demonstrators. I stood aside and I was in a state of shock. As soon as I return to the security detachment where I served, I asked the officer in charge for a leave to see my family, but he refused. I offered to pay him an amount of money and thus he even agreed on my request. Immediately, I headed to the countryside of Idlib to join Sariya Al-Jabal Battalion of the FSA.”

The Regime burned my house in response to my defection

After my defection, the regime forces stormed the house of my family but they did not find anyone because I told in advance to leave the house. Thus, the regime members burned the house to take revenge from me. For more than two and a half years, I stayed away from my family.”

The most difficult situation

“I participated in many battles in the countryside of Hama, Aleppo, and Raqqa. In one of them, a group of fighters and I were targeted by heavy shelling in Al-Mougher town in Hama countryside and the regime forces besieged us. Thus, fifteen fighters, including me, launched a surprise attack on a location for the regime forces. With shelling from the tanks that were with us, we were able to take control of that location lifting the siege after continuously fighting for several hours. This was one of the difficult situations that I faced.”

Insistence on fighting with FSA despite injury

The sergeant concluded saying,” After joining Sariya Al-Jabal Battalion at the beginning of the revolution, I moved to Ahfad Al-Rasoul Army participating in many battles including the liberation of Kafr Nboudah in Hama countryside. As for now, I am with Regiment 93 and I was injured twenty days ago in Halfaya town in Hama northern countryside. I am still under treatment and I will return as soon as possible to continue fighting with the FSA until overthrowing the regime and raising the revolution flag.

Source: RFS

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