Civilians of Raqqa, left for whom?

The battle of Raqqa is coming soon and all the involved parties are preparing themselves, meanwhile, five hundred thousand civilians in Raqqa are waiting for their destiny which will be either dying or being driven out of their homes.
One of the most likely scenarios is that the Kurdish militias start the battle from three main axes; first one is the northern suburbs towards Bir Al Hasham and then the city, the second one, starting from the western suburbs (Al JArnieh) along with the river towards the city, the third one, starts from the eastern suburbs towards Al Karamh. All of these three axes aim to surround the city from the three directions and let the southern side opened. As a result of this scenario, a large number of civilians will be displaced, it is predicted that 20 to 25 percent of Raqqa civilians will head towards the countryside, especially the northern countryside which is under Kurds control and this will raise several concerns about the treatment that Raqqa civilians will get from the Kurdish militias.

ISIS blocked all displacement ways towards Jarabulus of Aleppo northern countryside, all lands are filled with minds and smuggling towards Northern Aleppo is very expensive (150 thousand Syrian pounds).
In light of the bad economic and financial status of the city, most of the civilians have no choice beside staying in the city and moving between the neighborhoods according to the battles map.

The second scenario will be about the Euphrates Shield where the attacking troops will march from the northern countryside along with the Turkish army, entering Syria from Tel Abyad border gate not to mention more forces coming from Jarabulus towards the western suburbs of Raqqa. Based on the trust the civilians have for FSA, this scenario seems to be better for now.

Regardless of all of that, civilians of Raqqa and waiting for their unknown destiny while the warplanes of the International Coalition, Russia and the Syrian regime are bombing the city and from ground ISIS is completing its violations.