Abu Sayyaf warns of AQ return in #Syria and split within JFS

The Saudi preacher based in Syria and a former member of Jabhat al-Nusra “Majed Hamdan Al-Rashed,” nicknamed “Abu Sayyaf” warned that al-Qaeda” supporters and “Military coure-pretenders of JFS are doing their best to restore al-Qaeda Organisation to the Levant, and that would split Jabhat Fateh al-Sham into two spheres, one of these spheres will be joined by “extremists” to the new project, and a new war would break out where there would be blood shed  at the time of Aleppo burning it Ghouta according to al-Rashed.

This came in an article published by “al-Rashed” on his account in Twitter titled “Alarming Cry” as message to al-Qaeda” members, he stressed that al-Zawahiri did not agree with splitting act from al-Qaeda, with the approval of the Vice President, which is used currently in order to tear Jabhat Fateh al-Sham into pieces, confirming the arrival of a letter attributed to al-Zawahiri instructs to deport Joulani and the appointment of “Abu Julaybib” Jordanian, who split from Fatah al-Sham earlier and renewed oath of allegiance to the base (al-Qaeda) instead of the branch (JFS), saying that the letter was issued based on false information had reached al-Zawahiri by Abu Julaybib who was described in “al-Rashed” article  as a man who has “criminal history” in Daraa.

Al-Rashed said: “I say to the men of al-Qaeda: We have liberated Fateh al-Sham from al-Qaeda’s restrictions, and we hope it to merge and unite with the others soon, because we’ve tried them in Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, and before that in Egypt and they did not prosper, keep your failed experiences away from the Levant, and look for people who do not know you well such as “Borma” you might prosper.”

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