#Syria|PKK/PYD Detains Secretary of Syriac Orthodox CULT Council

The Assyrian Observatory said that “Asayish” summoned the Secretary of the Council, lawyer Riad Lahdou Addo, a member of the Committee of Religious Endowments of the Syriac Orthodox Church , in the Syrian city of “al-Maalkya”, located on the borderline  triangle between Syria, Iraq and Turkey, on Monday morning, the 14th. November 2016, and he was arrested.

The Observatory condemned the arrest of Lahdou Addo, and considered it a violation of human rights, also condemned the “heinous acts committed by the so-called Kurdish self-management project, arbitrary arrest of Syrian citizens.”

“Asayish” militia is considered are considered as “security forces” belonging to the YPG (Kurdish people protection units) , which in turn represents the PYD’s armed wing which is trying to impose its hegemony on its held areas in northern Syria..

(This news is few days old)

Source: alDorar alShamiya