#Syria|Massacres in Aleppo, and Battles in Damascus Suburbs via LCCSy

Field Report – LCC

Dozens of martyrs and wounded have fallen today, Wednesday, in Russian and Assad’s airstrikes, in addition to fierce artillery shelling on several neighborhoods of Aleppo city. Fierce clashes took place between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in the fronts of Damascus Suburbs. Martyrs were reported as Assad’s warplanes bombarded Idlib countryside and his forces shelled the sieged neighborhood of Waer in Homs.

LCC correspondent said that Russian and Assad’s warplanes committed massacres against civilians in the sieged neighborhoods of Aleppo and claimed the lives of over 30, in addition to dozens of wounded. The Russian warplanes carried out thermobaric missile attacks on Sukkari neighborhood. Meanwhile, Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs and his forces targeted it missiles, leaving 11 martyrs and dozens of wounded among civilians. 8 martyrs in Shaar neighborhood and 6 others in Sakhour neighborhood were reported in similar attacks
He added that the Russian warplanes launched airstrikes on Salhin and Bab neighborhoods, resulting in 4 martyrs. They also targeted Batbo town in the western countryside, leaving 4 martyrs as a primarily outcome, in addition to dozens of wounded. A Russian cluster bomb, from the bombardment remnants, exploded in Daret Izza city, leaving a child martyr and some wounded.
In the southern countryside, two martyred children and some wounded were reported as Russian warplanes carried out thermobaric missile attack on Smeiria village.
However, the revolutionists targeted with 40 Grad missiles Assad’s forces strongholds based in Defense Factories and Scientific Researches near Safirah city in the eastern countryside.

Damascus Suburbs:
LCC correspondent said that fierce clashes broke out between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in several fronts in Bweidia and Salam highway vicinity in Khan Shih, in Western Ghouta, amid fierce shelling with surface-to-surface missiles and artillery shells on the axes.
He added that Assad’s forces blocked all the roads of Kanaker town in Western Ghouta and prevented its civilians from entry and exit so the revolutionists surrender and submit to Assad’s forces.
He added that Assad’s snipers and the Lebanese militant group of Hezbollah targeted the residential neighborhoods of Madaya and Buqein towns leaving a young man dead. The Russian warplanes bombarded the area between Hamoria and Beit Sawa towns in Eastern Ghouta.
Sporadic clashes took place also between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in the fronts of Yarmouk Camp and the later targeted the area with mortar shells. Other clashes between them take place as well in the fronts of Manasher as Assad’s forces tried to sneak into Jobar neighborhood.

Assad’s warplanes carried out several thermobaric missile attacks on Hubait town in the southern countryside, leaving two children dead and some wounded. Similar attacks targeted Khan Sheikhoun city. Wounded were reported as an IED exploded on the road between Idlib city and its western countryside.
In the same context, an IED exploded in a car for Tarmala Courtroom in Shahshabou town, in the southern countryside, on the road between Hubait town and Khan Sheikhoun city, leaving two judges dead and three wounded.

Assad’s forces targeted with mortar shells and heavy artillery Sillour village and the road of Yamidia – 10th Brigade in the Turkish borders. In return, the revolutionists targeted Assad’s forces strongholds based in Turkmen Mountain with missile launchers and heavy artillery.
The displaced people from the villages and towns of Latakia countryside in the camps on the Turkish borders suffer more and more due to bad weather and heavy rain, which made large number of tents flood.

Assad’s forces and their loyal militant groups targeted the sieged neighborhood of Waer with two Fil missiles and heavy artillery.

Assad’s warplanes carried out missile attacks on Latamnah and Tibat Imam cities in the northern countryside.