#Syria|Idlib rif|Fed up with JFS/Nusra! 15 of Daraya rebels arrested nearby Atmeh

JFS has arrested 15 of Daraya rebels because they held bad words against religions. They were taken to an unknown location. They took their arms and 2 amunition vehicles.

A question: will JFS succeed to do what the regime failed, by eliminating bit by bit Daraya rebels ?

Source: Etehad Press in arabic  http://aletihadpress.com/2016/11/16/%d8%ac%d8%a8%d9%87%d8%a9-%d8%a7%d9%84%d9%86%d8%b5%d8%b1%d8%a9-%d8%aa%d8%b9%d8%aa%d9%82%d9%84-%d9%85%d8%ac%d9%85%d9%88%d8%b9%d8%a9-%d9%85%d9%86-%d8%ab%d9%88%d8%a7%d8%b1-%d8%af%d8%a7%d8%b1%d9%8a%d8%a7/

The report has been confirmed by Sejari (alMu’tassem)

They have been released but not their arms and amuntions. One of them said: “we must find our way to Turkey. We came here to fight the regime and not be guardians of our compound.