#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3| 85th day update

Earlier, FSA targeted PKK/QASAD in Mar’anaz-Ain Daqne-alBayluna.
FSA fights with PKK/QASAD at KfarKhasher – Kfar Kalbin axis.

FSA freed Arab Wayran to the East of alBab and North of Shuweiha  from PKK/QASAD to the north of Manbij-south of Ghandura.

FSA recaptured Qabasin after a short infiltration by Daesh in early morning.

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FSA freed the village of alUjaila to the NE of alBab.
Intense fights at Qabasin (Jisr TV) between FSA and Daesh who is attempting to recapture the village that is the gate to alBab.