#Syria|Aleppo battle| 2 Regime attacks foiled

On Tuesday morning Fath Aleppo and JAF forces foiled Assad’s militias attack on both alUweija and Bustan alBasha to the north of Aleppo, where intense fights took place.

Media activists said that rebels foiled an attack by the  Assad’s milititas who attempted to progress toward the oppostion neighborhoods to the north of the town where fights took place at the outskirts of Burstan alBasha neighborhood to the water company side. Rebels forced the  militias to withdraw after many were injured and they incurred material losses.

Rebels also foiled another attempt to progress on alUweija where other fights took place after the militias renewed their attempt to progress toward alEnzarat and alMajbel. There was an exchange of artillery shellings and missiles.

Assad’s militias targeted with heavy artillery shelling the residential area of Ba’idin, alHulk, Enzarat along with air attacks with machineguns on Bustan alBasha, which resulted in civilian killed and injured.