US ‘aid foundations’ help PYD-linked gang monetarily and with weapons

PYD-linked gang controls arms supply and smuggling between Azez and Afrin with assistance of millions of dollars from some American relief foundations

Some so-called American ‘relief foundations’ helped a PYD-linked gang with human trafficking, weapons trade, and accruing millions of dollars in the Azez-Afrin logistic support line in northern Syria.

Zekeriya Iyd, code named Abu Ali Sijju, and Khaled Mustafa Kurj, the two leading figures of the illegal gang, have close ties with the U.S.-based humanitarian relief organizations like Mercy Corps, International Medical Corps and Medical Relief.

The gang leaders are controlling all aid trucks in the region, as they demand 2,000 dollars to allow every truck to enter Syria from Turkey via Öncüpınar border crossing.

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