#Syria|Martyrs Reported Due to Shelling on Eastern Neighborhoods of Aleppo and Destroying 3 Hospitals in its Western Suburbs During Last 24 Hours

Field Report-LCC
Several civilians were martyred, today, due to intense airstrikes by Russian warplanes in participation with Assad’s warplanes and helicopters on the eastern suburbs of Aleppo. Meanwhile, 3 hospitals were put out of service due to shelling during past 24 hours. Moreover, Russian warships targeted the suburbs of Aleppo and Idlib with ballistic missiles. Meanwhile, the cities of Damascus Suburbs, Idlib, Hama, and Latakia were targeted with heavy airstrikes leaving martyrs and wounded among civilians
LCC reporter in Aleppo said that 4 civilians were martyred and dozens were injured due to shelling by Russian warplanes and Assad’s helicopters on the neighborhoods of Sakhor, Haidaria, Rashdin, Ard Hamra and Jabal Bdor. Moreover, martyrs and wounded, most of them are stuck under rubble, were reported due to targeting #Tariq_Bab neighborhood with explosive cylinders. Meanwhile, Assad’s forces targeted the neighborhood of Firdos with heavy artillery where several civilian wounded were reported. The reporter said that Russian airstrikes targeted the cities of Daret Ezza and Atarib in addition to the towns of Kafer Naha, Khan Asal, Mansora and Bishqatin in the western suburbs. Moreover, the city of Anadan in the northern suburbs and the village of Binan His in the southern suburbs were targeted with similar airstrikes pointing out that Russian warships located in the Medriterian targeted the outskirts of Rasim Eis town in the southern suburbs
He added that Russian warplanes targeted, this morning, Baghdad Hospital in the village of Oweijel with ballistic missiles which put it completely out of service pointing out that it’s the third destroyed hospital during past 24 hours in the western suburbs as the hospitals of Atarib and Bayoti in Orm Kubra went out of service yesterday. Moreover, a civilian was martyred and 10 others were injured due to Russian airstrikes with thermobaric missiles on Shamsin Bread Factory on Aleppo Damascus highway this morning. The reporter said that FSA announced capturing 3 members of Daesh during clashes between both parties on the outskirts of Bab city in the eastern suburbs. Meanwhile, 3 children and a woman were martyred due to a landmine explosion from Daesh remnants in Kafra village in the northeast suburbs
In Idlib, LCC reporter said that warplanes launched airstrikes with thermobaric missiles on the outskirts of Khan Sheikhon. Moreover, the city of Areeha and the outskirts of Kafer Noubol in addition to the towns of Kansafra, Nabi Yousif, Ihsim, Mirdikh in the southern suburbs were targeted with similar shelling where civilian wounded and fires in shops were reported
He added that Assad’s warplanes and helicopters targeted the city of Saeaqeb in the eastern suburbs in addition to the villages of Ghasania, Shaghir and the outskirts of Kinda with thermobaric missiles and barrel bombs causing the fall of several civilian wounded pointing out that Russian warships located in the Medriterian fiercely targeted the city of Saraqeb and the area nearby with ballistic missiles. He added that mortar shells, from unknown source, fell on Kafer Hom camp in the northwest suburbs where one civilian was martyred and several others were badly injured
In Damascus Suburbs, fierce clashes broke out between revolutionists and Assad’s forces on Khan Sheih Camp along with targeting it with more than 35 barrel bombs, some of them are loaded with napalm in addition to artillery shelling on the area. Clashes also broke out between the two sides on Rayhan front where revolutionists could destroy a tank for Assad’s forces. Meanwhile, Russian warplanes launched airstrikes with thermobaric missiles on Jisrin town ans Ashari in Eastern Ghouta
In Homs, a civilian was martyred and several others were injured due to targeting the besieged neighborhood of Waer with mortar and Shilka machine gins. The city of Rastin and the village of Saan Aswad were also targeted with similar shelling
In Latakia, Russian warplanes launch airstrikes with thermobaric missiles on the axes of Kabana in Kurds mountain along with targeting revolutionists’ axes with missiles and heavy artillery by Assad’s forces
In Hama, Assad’s warplanes launch several airstrikes on the outskirts of Lataman city along with targeting the city of Kafer Zeta in the northern suburbs with naval mines by Assad’s helicopters