The Revolutionists Thwart an Attack by Assad’s Forces on Aleppo; and Intensified Airstrikes Launched on Idlib and Damascus Suburbs


Field Report – LCC

The revolutionists thwarted today, Monday, an attempt by Assad’s forces to advance towards the eastern besieged neighborhoods of Aleppo while the FSA controls new locations in the eastern suburbs of Aleppo following fierce clashes against Daesh in the Euphrates Shield Battle. 5 people were martyred and a hospital was put out of service due to Russian airstrikes on Anadan and Atarib cities. Meanwhile, Russia’s and Assad’s warplanes launched intensified airstrikes on Idlib and Damascus Suburbs.

The revolutionists thwarted an attempt by Assad’s forces, supported by Pro-Assad militias, to advance at the fronts of Salaheddin and Karm Tarrab neighborhoods and Jabas Market. Fierce clashes broke out between the two at the surroundings of Oweija in the north and Aqrab village in the south, which led to the death and injury of many of Assad’s forces, according to LCC correspondent.
He added that the FSA controlled Bishin Jern, Kah, Hazwan and Kfeira and al-Deir Mountain in addition to al-Hadath and Qubbat Sheih near the city of al-Bab in the eastern suburbs after controlling Sousian, Oulan, al-Dana and Qadiran villages following fierce clashes against Daesh in the Euphrates Shield Battle.
He also said that 5 civilians were martyred and dozens got seriously injured due to Russian airstrikes with a bunker-busting bomb on Anadan city in the northern suburbs. Haritan, Kafr Hamra, Atarib and Darat Ezza cities in addition to Salloum and Sahara towns in the western suburbs were similarly shelled, which led to casualties and put the hospital in Atarib city out of service. Assad’s warplanes launched airstrikes on Karm Mayser, Sukkari, Mash’had and Kallasa neighborhoods and ground forces targeted Fardos neighborhood and the surroundings of Tareeq Bab neighborhood with tank shells.

LCC correspondent in Idlib reported that the Russian warplanes launched today at dawn several airstrikes with bunker-busting missiles on Saleh Daddo Primary School in Khan Sheikhoun city causing great damages to it. Tal Mardikh town in the eastern suburbs was also shelled with cluster bombs. Meanwhile, Jesr Shoghour city and the towns of Mashmashan and Istabraq in the western suburbs were similarly shelled, which led to the death of a woman and the injury of other people in Mashmashan.
He added that Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs on Kinda and Najiya villages in the suburbs of Jesr Shoghour. An IED exploded at a mini bus in front of the Transportation security Branch in the city. As a result, the driver was severely injured. Another IED exploded at a car belonging to the revolutionists in Arbaeen Mountain in Areeha city south of Idlib causing injuries to a number of people.

Damascus Suburbs:
3 of Assad’s helicopters dropped 8 barrel bombs, some of which contain chlorine gas, on the surroundings of Khan Sheih Camp and the farms around it in the Western Ghouta. Meanwhile, the area was heavily shelled with surface-to-surface and heavy artillery missiles. 3 volunteers in the Civil Defense were martyred when Russian warplanes targeted yesterday late night the center they were in at the camp by 3 thermobaric missiles.
In the Eastern Ghouta, a civilian was martyred and others were injured due to Russian airstrikes on Douma city. Kafr Batna, Medaani and Rihania towns were shelled as well.

Assad’s warplanes and helicopters targeted the vicinities of Lahaya city and Bouwaida village in the northern suburbs. Al-Zor area and the surroundings of Morek city were also shelled. Meanwhile, Assad’s forces targeted Sarmania village in Sahl Ghab in the western suburbs with heavy artillery.

The Russian warplanes launched intensified airstrikes on the axes of Kabana village and its surroundings in Kurds Mountain and Assad’s forces attacked the villages of Yamidia, Shahroura and Salour and the axes of Kelez and Hayat in Turkmen Mountain using rocket launchers and heavy artillery shells.

Assad’s warplanes launched airstrikes with thermobaric missiles on Ibtaa city in the middle sector while clashes between the FSA and Assad’s forces took place at the surroundings of Manshia neighborhood amid shelling with Fil missiles on it

Deir Ezzor:
Warplanes launched several airstrikes on Jafra town, Huaijat Sakr neighborhood and the surroundings of Deir Ezzor Military Airport