#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3 final update

Mustafa Sejari on Orient News: FSA is only 400 meters far from alBab town, and effectively at the outskirts of the town. Parts of the town are under FSA fire artillery range. FSA controls  the Northern and western sides, and will control during the eastern side, so that the FSA will carry the attack on the town from 3 axis.  He confirms that the infighting has delayed FSA to storm alBab.  https://youtu.be/P_FGjn82RE0?list=PL906Y6OrlAXjndhe4NqBnbQDR3hcNwbpC

He mentionned information from inside the town, that Daesh is in a state of confusion. He closed down the administration and layed off the staff who have been sent outside of the town. Eyes on Homeland that reports the same news, has added that Daesh has moved fighters families, heavy artillery, food warehouse and prisonners to Raqqa.