Police Smash Syrian-Lebanese Human Traffic Ring in Bekaa Valley

A new chapter in the story of Syrian women being used for prostitution in the Bekaa was opened with the arrest of a human trafficking network composed of a Lebanese and three Syrians which had been active for some time in the region in luring Syrian girls.

Members of the network have confessed to the charges, according to a statement issued by Lebanon’s internal security forces, in addition to one suspect confessing that he had sold a girl to a colleague for one million Lebanese pounds ($660). The suspect added that the person who had bought the girl, identified as Wasfi K., was a Syrian man in this 30s from Aleppo who had been working in Lebanon for more than 15 years, was married and had a four-year-old child.

The house, which the security forces’ statement said had been sealed, was in a crowded residential district in the Jellala town in the Bekaa region, and was owned by Lebanese man Mustafa H., who was named among the arrested gang members. Security information said he had been wanted for arrests for drug dealing, in addition to being a participation in running a brothel in the Al-Kerek area and elsewhere.

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