#Syria|Martyrs and Wounded in Intensive Airstrikes on Damascus Suburbs and Idlib; and FSA on Bab’s Outskirts in East Aleppo

Field Report – LCC

Russian and Assad’s warplanes launched intensive airstrikes today, Sunday, on several locations in Syria, leaving martyrs and wounded among civilians. FSA combatants arrived in the outskirts of Bab city, which is run by Deash, in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, after capturing several villages.

LCC correspondent in Idlib said that 5 martyrs and some wounded among civilians were fallen as Assad’s warplanes carried out thermobaric missile attack on Khan Sheikhoun city in the southern countryside.
He added that a child passed away and others wounded as Assad’s warplanes launched airstrikes on Maarat Noaman city. Another child passed away in a similar attack on Kafaraweid town in Zawiyah Mountain. The attacks targeted also Mardikh town in the southern countryside, where a martyr and some wounded among civilians were fallen as a result. Two other children were wounded due to the airstrikes targeted Tamanaa town in the southern countryside.
Moreover, Assad’s warplanes carried out high-explosive parachute missile attacks on the towns of Bara and Kansafra in Zawiyah Mountain, Binnish city in the northern countryside, and Saraqeb city in the eastern countryside.
Assad’s helicopters dropped a barrel bomb on Safohin village, leaving wounded among civilians. They also dropped naval mines on the villages of Karsaa and Tarmala in Shahshabou Mountain, in the southern countryside. Furthermore, they dropped barrel bombs on the villages of Najia, Kinda, and Shaghourit in the western countryside.
He mentioned that wounded among civilians were reported as Russian warplanes carried out cluster bomb attack on Abou Zhuhur city in the eastern countryside. Assad’s forces, on the other hand, targeted the villages of Safiat and Aubin on the Turkish borders with missile launchers.

In Aleppo, LCC correspondent stated that FSA captured the villages of Qdeiran, Sosian, Dana, Aolan, and Hazwan, north of Bab city in the eastern countryside, after fierce clashes with Daesh as Operation Euphrates Shield continues. He pointed out that FSA combatants are 2 km away from Bab city.
He added that Assad’s warplanes carried on bombarding the cities and towns of the countryside as they launched airstrikes on the towns of Anadan, Hreitan, and Kafarhamra in the northern countryside, in addition to Ainjara village and Atareb city in the western countryside.
The airstrikes targeted also Dhahret Abd Rabou, Leiramoun, and the vicinity of Zahraa and Rashidin neighborhoods, northwest of Aleppo. The warplanes bombarded as well some locations in Hajeb town and the villages of Mgheirat and Burj Hussein in the southern countryside.
Assad’s forces targeted the neighborhoods of Salah Eddin and Mashhad. On the other hand, the revolutionists targeted with Grad missiles Assad’s forces and their loyal militant groups based in the Military Airbase of Neirab in the eastern countryside.
As for Latakia, the Russian warplanes bombarded Kabana axes and its surrounding in Kurds Mountain. Meanwhile, Assad’s helicopters dropped 3 barrel bombs on Khidir axis.
In Damascus Suburbs, LCC correspondent stated that two civilians passed away as Russian warplanes carried out thermobaric missile attack on al-Huda Mosque in Khan Shih Camp. He added that Assad’s helicopters dropped 20 barrel bombs on the farmlands and the outskirts of Khan Shih Camp in Western Ghouta. Meantime, fierce clashes broke out between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in the vicinity of the region, coincided with fierce shelling on the region with all kinds of heavy weapons.
Assad’s forces targeted the outskirts of Irbin city and the road between Douma city and Shifounia with heavy and medium machineguns, where a civilian passed away as a result, and others wounded in Autaya town in Eastern Ghouta.
On the other hand, the revolutionists thwarted Assad’s forces attempt to move forward the farmlands of Mahmadia town in Eastern Ghouta amid shelling with all kinds of arms.

In Deir Ezzour, Assad’s forces targeted with heavy artillery, along with warplanes airstrikes, the vicinity of Deir Ezzour Military Airbase, amid clashes between Assad’s forces and Daesh.
Two civilians from Hawaij Boumasaa village in the western countryside were tortured to death in Daeah prisons after two months of detainment in the charge of sleeper cells.

In Hama, the revolutionists targeted with Grad missiles Assad’s forces and their loyal militant groups locations inside Hama Military Airbase in response to targeting civilians in the liberated villages and towns.
Assad’s warplanes carried out thermobaric missile attacks on Latamnah city, Zuwar region, and the vicinity of Hasraya village. Meantime, Assad’s helicopters dropped explosive cylinders on Halfaya city in the northern countryside.

In Daraa to the south, Assad’s forces targeted Aqraba village in the northern countryside with heavy artillery.

Source: LCC news brief