#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3|82nd day update

FSA  launches new phase in Operation Euphrates Shield to liberate Aleppo’s Al-Bab.

FSA freed the villages of Sussian and is less than 3 kms far from alBab. Hazwan not confirmed in the final statement.


 Within the scope of Operation Euphrates Shield, which began on Aug. 24 to rid Syria’s northern border area of terrorists, a total of 24 Daesh targets were eliminated — including shelters, defensive positions, command centers, weapons and vehicles. In a statement, the Turkish Armed Forces said in northern Syria’s Al-Rai town six residential areas — Hadji Qusah, Halise Shakira, Halise, Talca Shaqiyah, Hajar Abyad and Al-Shuayb — were cleared of Daesh.

Two opposition fighters were martyred in clashes.

In the last five days, Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army forces (FSA) arrived within eight kilometers (five miles) of the Al-Bab district in Syria’s Aleppo province.

Turkish-backed Syrian opposition forces have taken control of six more residential areas from Daesh, according to an army statement on Sunday. FSA fighters recently took control of five villages in Mare, northwest of Al-Bab, and Manbij, east of Al-Bab.

Almost 1,600 square kilometers (617 square miles) of land in northern Syria have been cleared of Daesh terrorists as part of Operation Euphrates Shield so far.

Source: Anadolu news agency

Al Bab LCC announces that FSA freed the villages of Dana and Ulan too.

Air strkes on Daesh positions and  barriers. Daesh set firre to tyres.

Al Bab LCC announces that FSA freed the village of Qadiran.

Turkish artillery pounding alBab has began.

Daesh deploys barrier inside the town of alBab and does not allow civilians to leave the town, and all shops have closed.

Sejjari says FSA is 3 kms far from alBab.

Sham Legion says 2 kms far from alBab.
FSA freed the Hekmat Shahabi farms at the outskirt of alBab.
FSA freed Jabal alDeir from Daesh.
FSA freed Qubbat alSheikh and alHadath Nth of alBab.
Daesh attacks FSA in alNa’man.
Amaq: suicide bomb attack against TR Army tanks at the outskirts of Hazwan.

Map just to indicate the villages


Mustafa Sejari : Our forces have reached the outskirts of alBab and the town is within their range of the artillery fire.