#Syria|Deir Ezzor short brief

#DeirEzzor:girl died in #AlJoura which besieged by ISIS and Regime because of food shortage and the loss of health care.

#DeirEzzor:Russian airforces targetting the neighborhoods of Sina’a,Rasafa,old airport, Hawiqa and Hawijat Sagur in 8 raids

A child with an old woman died in Rajim Al Sulaiby roadblock which controlled by the kurdish militias

#DeirEzzor:ISIS whips and crucifying 3 of his personnels in AlTakaya street in the city under the pretext of perjury

#DeirEzzor_City:Regime forces and its militias waging an arresting campaign against civilians in of AlJura and AlQusur.


Source: Euphrates Post