#Syria|Aleppo short brief

Assad’s militias committed a massacre in alShalihin where 11 have been killed after targeting their van with tank shells. Al Mash-had has been shelled, 2 civilians were killed and injured.

On the other side, fierce fight took place between rebels and Assad’s militias at Aziza south of Aleppo. Minutes ago, rebels foiled an attempt to progress toward Aqrab and fierce fights have been reported at alUweyja.

Rebels towed  as well a number of Assad’s militia in Buyut Mhanna as they killed 2 others with a Malotka in Dahiyat alAssad.

RU and Regime AC attacks with cluster, thermobaric and incendiary bombs on the towns and villages of Aleppo countryside, which resulted in 3 civilians in alAtareb among them one child and several were injured.

Activists reported that a car bomb exploded in Azaz killing 3 civilians and injuring others.

N.B. Concerning Euphrates Shield, please read the blog post dedicated to the battle.