#Syria|Raqqa|PKK/QASAD is affraid of FSA. Dozens FSA arrested

YPG arrested dozens of FSA members in Hysha and Khaniz when their families left to a safer place.

Thousands of civilians in the Northern rif in Raqqa Province, of the villages of Khaniz, Hysha, Tuwyla’at and Hadriyat were forced to leave their villages due to the fights between the Kurdish militias and Daesh with the US AF backing.

FSA fighters have layed down their arms when Daesh expanded and carried out a repression policy against all those who supported the Revolution. FSA fighters remained in touch with the FSA battalions who fought Daesh and were forced to retreat to other areas. One FSA fighter’s relative said more than no less than 50 have been arrested by the YPG because they are affiliated to the FSA. He added that the Kurds got their names from former FSA who regularized their situation with the regime through local mercenaries, and  who joined the Kurds with the regime encouragement.