#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3|Short brief

FSA freed in the past 48 hours  the villages of Haji Kusa-AlAwn-Khalysa-Basalja-Eqdash-Shuayb-Tlaliya and several farms to the NE of al Bab to Qabasin and alArima. They also freed 3 more villages Bilis-Tal alHawa-Taljat Sharqiya, according to Sultan Murad updated map.  (Area in blue)


Latest map by  FSA Shamiya Front



FSA is at 7 km far from alBab after taking over the villages nearby Qabasin where Kurds and Arabs live, and that the PKK/QASAD aim to control too, in order to cut the road to the FSA toward alBab. PKK/QASAD attempted to progress to Um alAmad to the east of alSenaeya town, but Daesh foiled that attack.

Pictures published by Amaq http://web.archive.org/web/20161112132007/https:/justpaste.it/10bqy

Manbej Rebels’ Battalion affiliated to Sham Legion commander, Abu Jaber, told alModon that FSA worked on two fronts :

During the past 24 hours, FSA took over Shuwyhat, Shadar, Batajek which is situated  between Qabasin and alBab. This progress helped to cut the road to QASAD who also attempts to progress to alBab in order to achieve its project of Kurdish land by linking alBab to Efrin.

On the second axis further to the east, PKK/QASAD has attempting to progress from al Arima to the East of al Bab after Daesh handed over  with no fight the villages of  Qart Saghir and Qart Qabir and Sheikh Nasser. FSA changed strategy and tactic to cut the road to PKK/QASAD by replacing Qubat Sheikh which is littered with landmines and explosive devices with the freed villages of Haji Kusa-AlAwn-Khalysa  and from alNaman. FSA is only  6 kms far from alBab and only 3 kms far from Qabasin, he added.