Move Forward to Bab City in Aleppo Countryside, and Intensive Airstrikes on Damascus Countryside and Idlib

Field Report – LCC

FSA captured today, Saturday, 6 villages northeast of Bab city in the eastern countryside of Aleppo. On the other hand, Assad’s warplanes launched intensive airstrikes on several locations in Syria, leaving martyrs and wounded among civilians.

LCC correspondent in Aleppo said that FSA combatants captured the villages of Halisa, Baslaja, Iqdash, Shueib (Jatal), Haji Kousa, and Aoun northeast Bab city after fierce clashes with Daesh in the context of Operation Euphrates Shield.
He added that Russian and Assad’s warplanes, in addition to the helicopters, bombarded Intensively the cities and towns of Aleppo countryside. They carried out thermobaric missile, cluster bomb, and barrel bomb attacks on Daret Izza city, the towns of Kafarnaha, Kafar Halap, Bishqatin, Mansoura town in the western countryside, in addition to Hajeb town, the villages of Burj Hussein Zhaher, Mughirat Shibli in His region in the southern countryside.
He mentioned that fierce clashes broke out between a group of Daesh members and so-called “Syria Democratic Forces” (SDF) in Firqat Boujaq in West Manbij.

In Idlib, two martyrs among civilians, including a child, and other wounded were reported as Assad’s warplanes carried out 8 parachute missile attacks on Binnish city. A woman passed away also and others wounded in similar attacks on Armanz city. Kafartakharim city in the northern countryside and Hazarin town in the southern countryside were also subjected to similar attacks, leaving wounded among civilians and fires raise.
Airstrikes targeted Maardabsa town and the western outskirts of Idlib city. Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the villages of Najia and Kinda. Moreover, Assad’s forces targeted with heavy artillery and missile launchers the Turkish borders, the villages of Safiat and Aoubin, and Jisr Shughur city in the western countryside.

In Latakia, Russian warplanes carried out phosphorus missile attacks on the axes of Kabana and Khidir, and their surrounding. Assad’s helicopters dropped several barrel bombs on the revolutionists’ axes in the region.

LCC correspondent in Damascus Suburbs said that some wounded among civilians were reported as Russian warplanes carried out remotely-directed missile attack on Douma city and its outskirts in Eastern Ghouta. Similar attacks targeted Irbin city and the towns of Autaya, Nashabia, Hazrama, and Beit Nayem, leaving wounded among civilians.
He added that Assad’s helicopters dropped 54 barrel bombs on Khan Shih Camp and the surrounding farmlands. However, the warplanes carried out phosphorus missile attacks on the outskirts of the camp. Moreover, Assad’s forces targeted Beit Jin town in Western Ghouta with mortar shells.

In Daraa to the south, the warplanes bombarded the liberated Brigade 38 in the vicinity of Saida town in the eastern countryside.