#Syria|Iran has a missile factory in Aleppo since 2006

Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Mhammed Hussein Bagheti revealed that Iran has built in the past years a compound to manufacture missiles in Aleppo. He added that the missiles have been used in 2006 by Hezbollah against in 2006 during the war against Israel.

In an interview to alJazeera, the specialist in military strategy Ma’mun Abu Nawar  said Aleppo was chosen because of the Defense factory which is a large compound and well fortified, and where there is a special team to defend the site.

He was asked about the timing to make this announcement. He explained that the motives are linked to Russia decision to stop extending the regime with weapons and suspended its military operations and stopped carrying out air strikes, and to express Iran support to the regime and will continue to extend the regime with weapons.

Source : Jisr TV arabic