#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3|80th day update

The army hit 52 Daesh and 13 PKK/PYD targets in northern Syria on Thursday, the Turkish military included shelters, command and control centers, arms, and vehicles.

The statement said eight opposition fighters were martyred and seven others injured during Thursday’s clashes.

According to the Turkish Armed Forces, Syrian opposition forces were unable to gain control of nine villages in the town of Al-Rai town due to Daesh terrorist resistance Thursday.

Opposition fighters also destroyed an armed vehicle and anti-aircraft and defense positions in air-based operations in the Shadir Shuvayhat region where Daesh terrorists were detected.

In total, 36 mines and 1,495 improvised explosives have been defused since the start of the operation on Aug. 24.

Source: http://aa.com.tr/en/middle-east/turkey-pounds-daesh-pkk-pyd-targets-in-northern-syria/683414


FSA repelled Daesh attack on the villages of Bataje and  Shuweiha, killing 18 of Daesh.

cw_f_fbxuae0qwzFSA freed two villages of Salwat and Sanqalli from Daesh (not yet confirmed by OR).

FSA freed Tlaylat from Daesh in black circle and killed 7 of them.


Orient News report that Thursday evening, FSA freed the villages of Sheikh Alwah, Batajek, Maqale’ alBushi, Jawdak and Baziji. This means that FSA is only 6 kms aways from alBab. It has not been officially confimed. However, top first statement on the blogpost mentions that FSA foiled a Daesh attack on Batajek.